The secret of creating magical atmosphere

We are amazed by the effect of our products have on people: they make people stop and think of them and it can be seen how their faces illuminates.
Our products catch people’s interest in such a way that they seem to stand dumb folded in front of our products and they are not able to take their eyes off them and go away.

If people are asked most of the time they answer like this: “ This is unbelievable because it seems like the wood is under some kind of magic , it listens to us , follows the movements of our hands turning into more and more beautiful shapes”. People don’t understand how this is possible.

This kind of effect on people makes us believe that we are not only manufacturers of furniture, stairs and balustrades but we may consider ourselves magicians who are able to create fascinating atmosphere.

We are proud that this craft is like a family tradition which has been passed through generations. This is how the technique and knowledge of labouring hardwood has been improved until it reached perfection.